Subjects and School Types

On the special situation of Bavarian Schools: The unfathomable wisdom of the Bavarian Ministry of Culture has blessed us with almost countless types of schools - necessitating careful planning:

In general, we teach from the 5th grade up (i.e. pupils 10 years and older). We train in:

 ENGLISH, GERMAN and social studies like HISTORY etc. to graduation, also college students

CHEMISTRY generally the first two or three school  years depending on the student`s age

FRENCH and LATIN at lower and intermediate levels, generally in the first two school years 

MATHEMATICS in the lower levels

We do have experience with handicapped students - we had a few pupils suffering from Asperger Syndrome (AS).

If you need tutoring in higher MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, other FOREIGN LANGUAGES, ACCOUNTANCY and similar subjects, we will gladly establish contact with our colleagues at the STUDIENKREIS or STUDENTENRING.

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