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Welcome to my history blog. The major themes examined are German and European history of the early 20th Century, especially the major issues of Adolf Hitler and the First World War.  These are the main features of my recent book, "The Little Drummer Boy" , which decribes, amongst many other subjects, the adolescence and early life of the boy who would one day bceome the "Führer" of Nazi Germany, the Rise of Fascism in Germany and Hitler's attempt to establish Nazi Rule in Germany in 1923 by the infamous "Beer Hall Coup". The blog discusses issues related to the book but will reach other themes such as general and military history and current affairs as well.


It begins with an introduction on the discussion of the historical view of Adolf Hitler and an overview of European Imperialism from Caesar to Bismarck, before following the early life of Adolf Hitler in Austria and Germany before August 1914.


We meet the little boy growing up in Austria and we meet Private First Class Adolf  Hitler serving on the Western Front during the Great War of 1914 - 1918. We encounter him again on the eve of the German Revolution which abolishes the monarchy and establishes the first German Republic. After the short-lived experiment of the Bavarian Soviet Republic in the spring of 1919, Hitler remains in the army as an agent for the shady Major Karl Mayr,  head of the Bavarian military intelligence unit.


In the fall of 1919 Hitler takes part in a meeting of a small political party -- more a discussion club than a true party, really - which has about 50 members and calls itself "Deutsche Arbeiter Partei" ('German Workers' Party', DAP). Despite the socialist label, the party is a right-wing, authoritarian and nationalist  affair which suffers from the want of new ideas or popular orators.


Adolf Hitler eventually joins the DAP, of which he subsequently becomes chairman in 1921. Through his popular sermons, the legend of the "Führer" is born. Two years later, by November 8-9, 1923 he has enlarged the party to membership numbers approaching 20.000 in Munich alone and attempts to grab power in Germany ...


The LITTLE DRUMMER BOY is a comprehensive and detailed historical study, likewise providing an in-depth look at the diplomatic developments which led to the catastrophe of the Great War of 1914 as well and following the main operations in the European Theatre and the Russian Civil War (1917 to 1922) before returning to post-war Germany and the activities of Adolf Hitler and his associates.

Fascinating in its breadth, this work is not only a history - it is historical literature in a style  reminiscent at times of the large canvas and biting irony of Edward Gibbon's  great "History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"


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